Race Report 25 September 2016

We were pleased to welcome another new member today. Nick very kindly spent the morning advising Chris on preparing his own boat and he loaned his own boat to initiate Chris into the joys of racing.

Arriving in the car park it was clear that the No1 rig would be appropriate as the morning had dawned calm. However the wind got up as the session progressed and after about an hour both Nick and Stuart’s boats suffered detached sails due to the wind strength. At this point there was an exodus back to the car park to change down to No2 rigs. However the exodus did not include Stuart as his No2 rig had gone off in the car with his wife Kate, who had given him a lift to the lake.

Taking away Stuart’s sailbox turned out to be a stellar piece of strategy by Kate, as the wind eased off somewhat soon after the fleet returned to the lake. Stuart’s Lintel with its larger sails, was then easily quicker than the other yachts, leading to him winning three races in a row. Since moving to the lake at Rectory Farm Stuart has hardly ever won a race, so a hat-trick, even with a unfair advantage, was beyond his wildest dreams.

NB. Because of the number of skippers missing races, I have used ‘average position’ in this week’s results rather than total scores. But however you calculate it, Andy managed to equal Stuart for first place, despite Stuart’s big sails, well done Andy.