Other Classes

Dragonforce 65 Yachts

In model shops and on Ebay you can find radio controlled model yachts that sell for While these are great for having some fun with, they are tricky to get to sail well and are not very robust, so are not usually raced.  You might find that a better introduction is to visit our lake, where someone will surely let you have a go on the ‘sticks’ and may even be able to lend you a boat to get started.

DF65 Radio YachtHowever there is one ready-made yacht that designed and built to be raced, this is the Dragonforce 65.  £150 gets you a new boat that is ready to race at club level.  At the moment we do not race Dragonforce 65s at the Cambridge club, but we could do if there is enough interest in the future. Visit the Dragonforce 65 class website for more information.


6 Metre Yachts

2016 MYA 6 Metre National Championship
2016 MYA 6 Metre National Championship

A couple of our members own 6 Metre yachts, these are big (although not 6 metres), elegant yachts that sail very gracefully, compared to the more lively One Metres.  There is growing interest in this class, so maybe one day we will host 6 Metre races.